Camille Russell Wooden Ministries


CRW Ministries offers unique seminars for churches and individuals aimed at helping individuals understand their 
God given purpose by looking at the Spiritual G.P.A. (Gifts, Purpose, Activities)

DISCOVER...THE PROBLEM  = 80/20rule 
In many churches 20% of the people are doing all of the work while the other 80% sit in the pew

Many people want to understand why they exist on this earth

DISCOVER...THE PLAN = The Destined For Discovery Seminar
The Goal of the Destined for Discover Seminar is to help participants DISCOVER their gifts, their destiny, their role
in the Body of Christ. 

Our Target Population
Churches Seeking To:  Increase volunteers among membership
Teach members about serving
Teach members about spiritual gifts
Teach members about their duty to serve God by using their spiritual gifts
Empower their leadership
Develop a system for placing members into areas of service around the church
Start a class to help members identify their gifts and identify a place for them to volunteer in the church

Individuals Seeking To:  Learn their spiritual gifts
Learn how they can volunteer at church
Get more insight on what God wants them to do in life
Be released from bondage when it comes to being free to serve God
Find direction in life
Learn more about themselves
Grow spiritually in the area of service